Tuesday, March 13, 2012


In my life,there are 2 things i can't resist to buy, make up and books.You can leave me alone on Mars planet also if gotta nice bookshop there.Everytime i enter into a bookshop i feel relief and relax.I love the cozy and quite environment inside the bookshop.And i even don't care to spend 2-3 hours for hunting the good books,promos or combos.Hehehe..Previously, when i want to find a good novel at a cheaper price i will go to the 2nd hand bookshop at THE MALL (in front of PWTC).Since the book shop was closed down, i like to go to tthe 2nd hand bookshop inside the central market.Uncle tu yg jaga kedai tu baik giler taw.xkesah la nak baca berapa lama pun.sure x kan kena halau punye ;)

the collection of sidney sheldon.i aim to collect the whole  complete set..if tommorrow comes is my fav among the all

this set i grabbed at came in the red gift box

the sophie kinsella collection

MPH dgn Popular pun best for book hunting especially for a loyal member like me =p Even i dont have enough time to finish up my book asap cuz kekangan masa. *buku F7 n F4 tu kena khatam dulu bru bley bace novel okeh* i still plan to add up new books to my bookshelves in the future.1 day =24 hrs not 36 hrs so i just read a few pages before go to bed.Baca baca dan baca sampailah tertidur..ZzZzZzZ.Jadilah dari tak sempat langsung =) As we know quality is better than quantity.

the john grisham collection

komik pun layan..suke karya koleksi maid maiden

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Huge Bargain at Popular Wangsa Walk Mall!!!

For those are book lovers this is the most anticipating fair.Popular WWM now is offering up to 90% discount on the selected titles.Even if you're not their member you also may enjoy the discount.There are wide selection of books (varieties of malay novels,comics, recipe books,motivation books,sherlock holmes and etc)  and authors (sophie kinesella,stephen king,nicholas sparks,john grisham and etc) you can choose from.You can even buy some of sophie kinsella's books as low as RM12.90.And it is the hard cover edition!!!Im swear this is real!

                                      Location:WWM Ground Floor
                                      Date:8-19th March 2012

me bought  the patricia cornwell's scarpetta at rm 16.90 and the sophie kinsella's wedding girl at rm12.90 and both are hard cover edition
p/s:you won't regret if you visit this book fair.its worth every penny =)

Returning from long hiatus

Salam girls.It such a rejoice for me could do blogging thing again after a long absence..whyy why why?certain of you who follow my blog must be asking in mind why i never write for a long time.for me as a human and adult lady??yeah i think im adult phase now =p the real thing was i just need to focus on my life.too many things happened.i gotta worked on it.really worked on it and it need a full attention and focus from life,my study,my health,my relationship with people,friends and allah s.w.t.  are the reasons why i kept silent all this while.i just need to find back who i am and on which ground i am standing.Lucky me i gotta few 'kawan sehidup semati' and lovely family who always believe in me and went through the bittersweet journey along with me.I don't do blogging to become an attention seeker or to gain popularity.If i get it in a good way then i should be thankful to allah s.w.t for the bless.I just adore blogging and like to share with people the things i love.It means alot to me if you like what i write.Now my life is going smoothly and back to normal again.thanks for all the prayers from family and friends.i'm happy to be back again.genuinely from my heart with love-natasha.

besnye klu dapat pegi bercuti kat laut membiru camni..