Thursday, March 8, 2012

Returning from long hiatus

Salam girls.It such a rejoice for me could do blogging thing again after a long absence..whyy why why?certain of you who follow my blog must be asking in mind why i never write for a long time.for me as a human and adult lady??yeah i think im adult phase now =p the real thing was i just need to focus on my life.too many things happened.i gotta worked on it.really worked on it and it need a full attention and focus from life,my study,my health,my relationship with people,friends and allah s.w.t.  are the reasons why i kept silent all this while.i just need to find back who i am and on which ground i am standing.Lucky me i gotta few 'kawan sehidup semati' and lovely family who always believe in me and went through the bittersweet journey along with me.I don't do blogging to become an attention seeker or to gain popularity.If i get it in a good way then i should be thankful to allah s.w.t for the bless.I just adore blogging and like to share with people the things i love.It means alot to me if you like what i write.Now my life is going smoothly and back to normal again.thanks for all the prayers from family and friends.i'm happy to be back again.genuinely from my heart with love-natasha.

besnye klu dapat pegi bercuti kat laut membiru camni..


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