Monday, November 18, 2013

Mac Monday-Mac Lipstick Haul And Swatches

(L-R):Cosmo,Russian Red,Brave,Craving.Viva Glam i  

Hello Lovelies! I was going through my makeup collection last night and realized that i was absolutely obsessed with lipstick.After trying many of drugstore  brands then i started upping my game with MAC lipstick few years back.One thing that still remains intact is that place in my heart for MAC lipsticks. They are the first high end brand that I have the most lipsticks from and whenever I am looking to add a new one into my collection I usually find myself end up in a MAC store.Especially for a student like me the price is pretty reasonable. I'm not saying MAC are the be all end all of lipsticks, but they  know what they're doing. They come in a range of different textures, finishes and a gazillion different colors If you walk into MAC store, you will definitely walk out with one you love.Usually before i purchase lipstick from MAC  i will do some online research to see  whether the color can suit my olive skin tone.Basically i'll buy a universal color that can be worn by every skin tone.That's my rule.What can i say these babies are all my favourite and as you can see in the picture above craving is the shortest because it is the one i reach the most and my top pick.Now let's begin with the swatches.

Under Natural Light (L-R):Cosmo,Russian Red,Brave,Craving.Viva Glam i

With Flash (L-R):Cosmo,Russian Red,Brave,Craving.Viva Glam i         

1.Cosmo (amplified creme)-This brownish pink is my favourite nude MLBB and very office appropriate.It is 1 of MAC best selling lipstick.
2.Russian Red (matte)-An intense-bluish red.This legendary lipstick is a must for every red lipstick lover to own this.Its  a superwoman lipstick, I wear it when I need to be most confident, and to look and feel beautiful
3.Brave (Satin)-A Pink Beige with white pearl.Great when pair with super dark smokey eyes.
4.Craving (amplified creme)- A Plummy pink with a subtle shine.It is my all time favourite lipsticks from MAC.This type of berry color is perfect for fall if you are looking the one that is not too dark and vampy.But  its still wearable on daily basis.
5.Viva Glam i (matte)-An intense brownish blue red.I love this very much. It's like a brick/brownish red, and it is very dark, but not bright, so many people can pull it off. I have yellow undertones and this brings out the warmth in my face.Its really suits any skin tone and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves deep red lipstick.

 I think that's all for my MAC monday blog post.Hopefully i give you some idea if you plan to buy MAC lipstick in the future.In the meantime I am wishing you a fabulous time and hope to see you on the next post soon.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pinking Of You Oh My Fuchsia Flash!

Currently i am so obsessed with fuchsia or neon pink.Fuchsia or electric/neon pink is the color that I am often magnetically drawn to.A statement color for a girl who run the world!Sometimes when i was too lazy to do my 10 mins smokey eyes this bright lip color always seems to pull the whole look together when pair with the minimal eye makeup.Smashbox Cosmetics never failed to impress me with their high quality of products.The 1st product i bought from Smashbox was smashbox fusion soft lights intermix  which is my favourite to date.And again Smashbox is a big smash hit with Fuchsia Flash Matte one of twenty-two lovely shades from their Be Legendary Lipstick collection. This was a total impulse buy while I was picking up some eyeliner at Sephora couple of months ago.When i asked the Sephora SA why Smashbox is unfamous like other branded cosmetics she said because its an 'artist' brand.Fyi, Smashbox Studios started with premier photo and film studio before expanded to a cosmetics line called Smashbox Cosmetics.

Smashbox Be Legendary Fuchsia Flash Lipstick

A statement color to rock your friday night girl outing!!!

The ingredients

 Smashbox described the shade as matte vibrant magenta on their website.Personally matte finish lipstick is my favourite after the amplified creme finish.But to find a good matte lipstick that will not taking its toll on your lips is pretty difficult.With Be Legendary  range i found my HG matte lipstick.Now its time for me to give you verdict for Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick In Fuchsia Flash.

-Georgeos Shades.If you are looking for a TRUEST FUCHSIA then this lipstick is for you.And the other colors in the range are super nice too.
-Hydrating Matte Lipstick.Usually i can't just wear lipstick  alone without putting the lipbalm first but with Fuchsia Flash i feel very juicy and lightweight on the lips.I don't know what are the secret ingredients in the lipstick but it works wonderful!Even if you think you are afraid of matte finish lipstick  you should dare yourself to try 1 of the be legendary lipstick.Trust me yo will not regret.
-Scentless.Yeay!No headache for me.
-Very Long Lasting.The color lasts up to 5-6 hours  even after drinking and eating and the lipstick faded evenly leaving behind a nice stain on my lips.
-High Quality Texture and Good Formulation.Don't worry you can skip lip liner because i don't face any feathering/bleeding issue with this lipstick.
-Highly Pigmented
-Simple but nice packaging.
-Reasonable Price compared to other branded cosmetics.


Under Natural Light

With Flash

Where To Buy:Sephora outlets and Smashbox Counter at Parkson Pavillion

Would I Repurchase:Definitely without doubt.

Celebrities are rocking fuchsia lips too!

If you are brave enough to try high-voltage fuchsia lipstick, i'd definitely recommend this flashy,vibrant magenta beauty.This may be my staple throughout the year so expect to see her alot.In the meantime I am wishing you a fabulous time and hope to see you on the next post soon.


*Listening to Brave by Sara Bareilles

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fusion Style Grilled Barramundi Recipe


Hi dearies!What are you plan to cook today?If you don't have the idea then let me share with you my favourite dish.Credit to Kak Azlin for sharing the recipe with me.Why it has become my favourite???Because it is super duper delicious and very eesy peesy to make with the simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen.Morever it is a healthy choice of food that you can prepare for your family.Any sweet and juicy type of fish will make this great dish.It will give you an alternative choice besides the very common thai style steam fish or masak 3 rasa.You can use either barramundi,red snaper,bawal,or jenahak.I like it so much that i don't mind cook it every week or twice a week.Hehehe..Please do not ask me how much ingredient you have to put because i've never count my ingredients,i just throw any amount that i think will make sense with my fish size.And your fish and my fish size will never be the same.Just try to use your instinct,you can add/reduce what you like or don't like in your next attempt.Now let me proceed with the recipe:-
Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review and Swatches - YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick Opera Rose No 29

YSL Rouge Volupte Opera Rose is the second most expensive lipstick i have after Guerlain Rouge Gigolo.My sister gave it to me as a birthday present.Thanks to her friend who bought it from US.I’d been seeing many bloggers raved on the famous YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks on their blog and it made me wanting it so much especially the packaging is so lovely with the YSL signature gold metal casing with nice detail around the center of the lipstick that has the YSL logo.I would love to have Spicy Pink when i saw the famous fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur rocking it and after i did some online research i found that it is the most universal color that could compliment many skin tone from the YSL Rouge Volupte line and the second is Opera Rose which is a neutral pink with yellow undertone.Unfortunately my sister's friend was not able to find Spicy Pink therefore she bought the Opera Rose instead.But after i tried it on my lip what can i say i am totally amazed with the beautiful packaging but dissappointed with the quality of the lipstick.Maybe it is not for me.Now its time for a reality check after all the fairy tale story ....

-Classy packaging.Even the YSL metal case looked extremely elegant in the opening scene of  fi hagat video clip by nancy ajram (lebanese singer).
-SPF 15 to protect your lips
-Neutral Soft Rose Pink Color.One of a kind pink and many said they like the opera rose on me.It is a rose pink that does not lean to cool or warm so it won't make your teeth looking yellow and i can see many skin tone could wear Opera Rose, asian or caucasian.If a pink lipstick make your teeth looking yellow then the lipstick is not for you.
-Wide range of colors to choose for.I believe there would be at least 1 color that will suit each girl from rouge volupte range.

-Consider expensive.When you have to pay 34 usd per lipstick (around RM145++  if you buy through malaysian online seller)
-No YSL counter in Malaysia so its hard to choose the best colour for yourself.Please do not rely on the online swatches as you might be shocked if the lipstick color look garish on you if wrongly chosen. -Heavily scented.The sharp mango smell in the ysl lipstick bothered me and can make me feel nauseous especially when i wear it in the morning without having breakfast first.However the soft vanilla-scented in mac lipstick never give me this kind of problem.In fact i like it!
-Too Creamy Texture.I dont say its HYDRATING but the texture is overly creamy and can cause the lipstick bleeding across your lips and looking uneven.
-Not long lasting. 
-Hard to apply.Because it is very pigmented you really have to exfoliate your lips to wear this stuff! It can stuck on dry patches and really exaggerates them and it gave me trouble when its 'floating' on my lips after i applied it.Remember when we melted butter and we can see the solid milk particles floating in the pot,yes the lipstick is floating like the solid milk particles on my lips.I dont know why this happened but i face the same problem everytime i apply it directly from tube.I think the best way to apply is by dab it on to my lips and then pat/blend with my fingers, building up the colour as I wish.
-Settle in the lip lines.If you have fine lines on lips like me this would be a problem beacause the lipstick could sink into the lines.
-Nameles/Codeless.The casing comes with no name  or code making its hard to differentiate if you have many rouge volupte lipstick.

Applied directly from tube

Applied by dabbing on lips




Would i repurchase:Maybe if YSL is available in Malaysia and i can try  different colors and do some tests first before buying.Right now i am eager to buy  urban decay revolution lipstick.It caught my attention when i tried it at sephora.I can say it is way better than my YSL lipstick in term of price,color and texture.

Similar Dupe for YSL Opera Rose:Mac Chatterbox and Revlon Super Lustrous Pink Wink

Till we meet again.