Monday, December 30, 2013

Review and Swatches - Guerlain Gigolo (70) Rouge G Jewel Lipstick

Hello dearies!Sorry i was MIA for 1 month.Ironically this post was in my draft for almost 1 and 1/2 month and i kept delaying to continue write it. I hope i  have more than 24 hours a day for me to complete all my tasks.3 weeks ago i was preparing for my final acca exam therefore no blogging session for me.Then i need  to focus on my growing home based bakery business,attending baking classes and in between i'm a freelancer doing accounting jobs.What a stressful december for me.By hook or by crook all the accounting reports need to be submitted before January 2014. I am a superwoman huh? (singing in karyn whites's style)Now you know why its hard for me to touch my lappy.So today i'm gonna share you with my review and swatches on Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Jewel Lipstick.Gigolo?Ain't it too much?I don't understand why they named it Gigolo.Perhaps its the best word to describe the color as the shade is very dark, sexy and mystery .Thanks to kak fatimah  who volunteered to buy it for me.Kindly visit her blog for recipes,product reviews and beauty tips.The lipstick was 40% off from regular price so it cost me 25 euro which is around RM109 after converted.

Guerlain Gigolo

Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G lipstick is described as a “pigment rich plum with a terribly couture style.It has sparse ruby microshimmer in it that is barely visible in direct sunlight.The lipstick is very pigmented, luxurious creamy,the texture is not slippery and last around 5-6 hours on my lips.Gigolo is very opaque with one swipe enought to cover my pigmented lips. It is truly one of a kind lipsticks.Perfect for fall or even winter!

I was inspired by Blair Waldorf for this style :)

Without flash

-Georgeos Shades and wide of selection.If you are a fan of bordeaux lips then Gigolo is definitely for you.I would wear it with an all-black ensemble with my handbag and shoes on that shade of plum wine!I wish i could own the other colors in the range because they are worth every penny.
-Hydrating Lipstick.I can wear the lipstick  alone without putting the lipbalm.It is so rich in texture but  lightweight on the lips.Like seriously this is the best lipstick formulation i've ever tried.
-Scent.Subtly scented with the signature Guerlain violet scent.Very mellow and doesn't give me headache.
--Highly Pigmented and Very Long Lasting.The color lasts up to 5-6 hours  even after drinking and eating and the lipstick faded evenly leaving behind a nice stain on my lips.
-High Quality Texture and Good Formulation.I don't face any feathering/bleeding issue with this lipstick however for bold color lipstick like this i suggest you to apply it using lip brush to achieve a more precise and even application.That's why they provide mirror together.And it has the micro ruby shimmer in the formulation :)
-Beautiful packaging.Designed by jewelery designer Lorenz Bäume, Guerlain Rouge G lipstick aims to combine both glamour and functionality in its new packaging design. They have turned the lipstick package into a compact; a magnet holds the two parts together, and opening with lipstick reveals a two-part mirror with which you can easily apply the lipstick.The packaging is insane. I’m such a sucker for beautiful packaging.I think this is a great example of functional packaging!

-Pricey.Its indeed very expensive.But as i mentioned earlier,its worth every penny.Good investment!
-Bulky packaging.I know some people find this particular packaging from Guerlain rather bulky and inconvenient but I get a little thrill of pleasure every time I touch it!

Where To Buy:Sephora stores

Would I Repurchase:Definitely without doubt.My next target are Guerlain Rouge G Giulette.Grenade and Garance.

I think thats enough for today's post.I am wishing you a fabulous time and hope to see you on the next post soon and Happy New Year to everyone!!

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